Friday, November 7, 2008

Simultaneous editing. Zoho, show them all!

I am still recovering from the impression of what Zoho support can do and can’t wait any longer to test another system feature - simultaneous record editing capability.

I’ve chosen a predesigned app Expense Tracked form their Marketplace and added one record in order to check if I could do it through 2 web-browsers as I did before.

After that I opened this record for editing in Firefox and changed Data and Payment method fields:

In IE I changed Amount and Payment method:

At first saved it in IE without a hitch:

Let’s save it in Firefox now:

What do you think happened? Everything was also saved with no question or warning.


Obviously, Zoho developers didn’t pay much attention to such an issue as simultaneous editing and problems with the data consistency which may arise if it happens. My point is it’s the concern of the user how to resolve the situation of data overwriting.

But I can’t be that sure the things won’t change, for this feature can see the light of the day shortly, as our previous showcase proves.

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