Monday, November 3, 2008

TeamDesk Duplicates: any advice?

I have got to clean up the situation with duplicates handling in TeamDesk.

TeamDesk doesn’t support duplicates search, there are no built in tools for its tracking, but having looked through predesigned templates I have found an example how one can build view/report which will display the list of records with already set criteria (by criteria I mean fields that define records as duplicates) and where this criteria match.

Support guys offer to handle it like this:
"Create the relation to self, use Match Conditions to select the fields to check for duplicates and calculate # of records. When you have more than one, you have duplicate."

I’ve spent a bit on this example to give it a try and find duplicates in my test app with 20 000 records. So I created many-to-many relation of Customers, using match condition and decided to select all which have some first and last name agree and calculated its quantity through summary column:

Now, using filter [# of Customers]>1 with a help of standard reports I can select records with duplicates:

These are the results of report on duplicate search:

Pressing Details button one can actually review duplicates:

Summing Up:

As we see using TeamDesk one can find duplicates through dummy relation, but it seems to me the way you do this is a bit complicated for a common user. My point is that it would suffice just to give user an opportunity to set a condition on calculated column (Record Count) in summary view, not to complicate the issue by some dummy relations and useless summary columns.

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