Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting results that count

I can already tell not only common users can find reviews of product testing beneficial, actually the vendors of tested products also do. Having completed some work yet, I must tell it keeps many on tenterhooks and one can understand why.

If any program functionality sucks, and users are aware of that, the rate of the service goes a way down no matter what. I think it really spurs developers to upgrade the system and get rid of existing shortcomings.

Sometimes even I am surprised with results of such an impact. And I am not kidding here. Just take Zoho Creator and Dabble DB cases, which are conspicuous enough. To add missing functionality in a couple of days (like Zoho did) just to meet the expectations… It’s really something, I must say.

It’s yet another proof that the testing results really added value to products in all respects.

So, even picking on system failures is actually of a help for vendors, for now they know where to plug the leaks.

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