Monday, January 12, 2009

Can LongJump make a big jump to beat the competitors?

Opening the year I made up my mind to try a new system – LongJump. And, as always, the first step of testing is to try the program capability of handling large data volume so one can see what to expect in further app development.

LongJump allows importing data at once, creating the object. So let’s use this option.

The system recognized columns correctly, but didn’t manage to select needed data type automatically. I had to set up that manually.

Unfortunately, the import process was not success at first too.

Though the system was unable to import the data from the first shot, the object field structure was partially created (without e-mail column…).

Anyway, I gave LongJump the second chance and used Import Data option.

Here it is. The system didn’t manage to relate fields by title according to file data, so I had to create mapping manually.

When you take the last step the system offers to set up additional options and save import scenario to speedup import next time.

The very import process is conducted in background mode so one can work within LongJump at the same time.

As soon as the system it through with import the user receives the e-mail notification of its status.

Since we have already imported the data it’s high time to check it. I must say the look of automatically generated view and value of “Modified By” column puzzled me a bit.

Let’s press Details link and take a look at our data within the system:

One can see everything is ok but Birthday and Hireday fields of the system for its empty, despite the system didn’t report on any errors and with no warning about import results as well.

After “All records” set up I checked LongJump capability to handle 20K records.

Good news: LongJump handled 20K records with no problem. I think the system is capable of handling even larger volume.


On the one hand, LongJump has such powerful mechanisms as background import/export, what proves that creators developed the system to handle large data volumes. On the other hand, the error diagnostics should be definitely improved. I mean lost e-mail column, not imported data of birthday and hire date fields without any notification of occurred errors can be of an unpleasant surprise for LongJump common users.

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