Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Challenging Caspio in data modifying

Painless data changes within the app contribute immensely to any business. For this feature is really mission-critical and does the heavy lifting within any app. So, it’s better to focus on this more carefully, giving Caspio Bridge a go this time.

To change the column type in Caspio Bridge in the Tables view you should select necessary table and click "Design" on the toolbar.

After this the table structure is opened in the Table Design window.

So, let’s get down to the data modification and see what happens, how the system handles it. For field data type changes I selected the field I wanted to modify and picked the new data type from the data type list.

Everything is pretty clear from the message that pops up on the screen. Caspio Bridge solves the issue with incompatible data in a simple manner – it will be lost.

The system also deletes this column from dependent objects such as Views and DataPages, so you as the user should pay attention when modifying a table and read all on-screen warnings carefully, because your modification can simply make dependent objects unusable. And thats not what you are looking for, I guess.


I think in this case more contorol is required concerning incompatible data changes, and better diagnostics, what specifically will happen with dependent objects.

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