Friday, February 13, 2009

Why Blist isn’t a killer app for business needs?

If one person is running the business there is no better method for all processes automation and tracking as Microsoft Excel.

But in case the need to secure simultaneous information processing by multiple users arises the user faces 2 major problems: how to organize info sharing and access permission and Excel can’t help here, but just holds you back. What blist can offer to fix these issues?

The system resolves only one task – sharing, but what about access permissions? There is no way to handle it.

It means you can’t set user permission to secure different people personal access levels to the data records. For example, you can't configure blist so, that each user can modify only own records, he has created, or which are applied to his personal responsibility.

Besides, you also can't set permission on column level. It means you can't hide any particular column or restrain the possibility to edit it for the particular group of users.

There is only one option you have. Any person you share your blist with can see all data you have in your app.

This is the reason why blist is useless for business needs on this level of functionality. Yes, you can share the list of your favorite movies or receipts, and embed it in your blog or website, using blist. But that's it and it’s definitely not enough.

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