Thursday, February 19, 2009

Coghead heads to the deadpool. Who is next?

In such difficult times for the world economy a lot of companies reach a deadlock and close their doors.

Coghead went down. Customers are thunderstruck. Just yesterday I received the letter from Ralph Noble what was going to happen:

"Not sure if you know this but Coghead is pretty much gone -- supposedly to be swallowed up (and probably never heard from again). Rollbase is gone, Longjump is doing primarily consulting from what I can tell, and the other small players are having a rough time. Caspio has probably been around the longest, so maybe it isn't affecting them as much."

The times a tough and its difficult to predict the outcomes, but how vendors are going to hold the line?

And who is the next?


SAP has aquired intellectual base of Coghead. But it doesn't change the situation all users are in right now. Just Coghead technology is moved. The users are still on their own.


  1. Jane, I just wanted to make sure there was no confusion about LongJump. We are not a consulting firm. I'm not sure why someone would conceive that of us. Probably a misunderstanding.

    For our response to what has happened to Coghead, please see our posting:


  2. QuickBase has just launched its offer for former Coghead users:

    We're sorry to see Coghead go and wish their customers the best.

  3. A post on some of the obstacles Coghead may have run in it:

  4. Rollbase is not gone. We have switched to a license model. Jane and Ralph, I am happy to update you on the changes.