Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Coghead customers are supposed to do?

I don’t know how many users Coghead had and what kind of apps they’ve developed, but what I can say for sure, is that the migration to other systems won’t be an easy affair, especially for those who have sophisticated business process and workflow logic. The specifics of each business, reflected in the app structure, should be taken into account.

Coghead customers with really complicated applications should consider QuickBase or TeamDesk. As these services satisfy the most sophisticated requirements and don't require any coding or scripting.

In case javascript or deluge script programming doesn't scare you, Caspio Bridge or Zoho Creator are there for you.

If you had relatively simple single table application, apart from the above mentioned solutions, one can take a look at Dabble DB or TrackVia.

Did you like Coghead because of Adobe Flex? Then Blist can be considered as Coghead substitution here. If you have a single table app - it should work well.

Well, Coghead users will be able to access and download their data through April 30, 2009.

So, who else is going to give Coghead customers a hand and help them with their app migration?


  1. At TrackVia, we are more than willing to help Coghead users transfer data to our online database . Give us a call at 800.673.3302.

    Sign up for a free trial at . Our support reps look forward to helping you with the transition.

  2. TeamDesk support is ready to help you to migrate your data from Coghead.

    Send your enquiries to

  3. ElasticApps can provide an option specifically if your Coghead solution involves business process, workflow and reporting.

    ElasticApps is available a SaaS application and well as an appliance, offering the security of its customers always having access to the product for a long time.

  4. TrackVia is offering a 20% discount to Coghead customers for the life of their account. More information here .

  5. First, I'm sorry to see Coghead go. They had a strong team and an innovative product. I wish the team the best.

    As for Intuit QuickBase's offer, you can find the details here:

    Basically, we're offering six months free, two hours of consulting with one of our third party QuickBase Business Consultants, and free support.

    We're also inviting Coghead partners to join us and we can help find homes for employees if they are interested.

    Best of luck to all affected by Coghead's troubles.


  6. Zoho Creator offers free consulting for Coghead customers. More details at Zoho blogs here:


  7. I would like to mention that IS Tools offers a PaaS solution that specifically targets enterprise customers -- avoiding some of the risks eminent with e.g. Coghead, and providing a solid foundation even for very complex PaaS-based business applications.

    Please feel free to read more about our offer at:

    Thanks for a nice blog!