Tuesday, February 24, 2009

QuickBase and Conditional dropdown: The Second Shot

In February release QuickBase announced about the support of conditional dropdown. I have already tested how QuickBase handles Dependent Dropdown, and made up my mind to give it another try and check how it works now.

I am going to use the same application with States and Cities I used before in previous test.

To setup conditional dropdown you need to process two steps: for the start you need to specify the field you want the user to pick a value from first (in our case State dropdown). Second, you need to specify depended dropdown filter field (in our case its State reference column from City table):

The set up is not that complicated, so let’s get down to business and check how it works.

For the start let’s try to choose the city before the state selection and you will get follwing message:

And now we select the State first. Now City dropdown contains only cities of the selected state:


So, the picture with QuickBase Conditional Dropdown is a way better, if compare my second try to the first one with Dependent Dropdown. It works pretty well. Hope my previous review made its contribution the functionality got better.

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