Friday, February 20, 2009

Helping Coghead customers

It’s high time to take care of people that are affected with the consequences of Coghead downfall the most: Coghead customers.

They should quickly decide where to move their data, starting from the ground up. I think this time users will think twice before making a choice. So, in order to simplify their task at least somehow I listed below services which are ready to help and have even developed special offers to support former Coghead customers.


  • Free 6 month of service
  • Free 2 Hours with Expert Consultant
  • Free Unlimited Support
  • Free Daily Webinars

  • TeamDesk
  • Free migration of your Coghead application to TeamDesk
  • Free Technical Support
  • Free Trial

  • Caspio Bridge
  • Two month free use
  • Free unlimited support
  • Expert consultation services
  • Free instructor-led training

  • TrackVia
  • Free Trial
  • 20% discount

  • Zoho Creator
  • Free consulting for Coghead customers

  • These vendors offer their help too, can’t say anything about their functionality though:


  • Free for the first 3 months
  • Then 50% discount for the next 6 months
  • Then full price for each month

  • Wolf
  • Free application transfer
  • No payments for 60 days

  • Delivered Innovation
  • Migration service to the platform

  • OutSystems
  • Scope & size your existing applications and provide a complete migration plan for free
  • Free 30 day trial

  • PerfectForms
  • Free multi-user account for 3 months

  • Cordys
  • Free subscription
  • Free support
  • 30% discount for additional services

  • Iceberg
  • Free migration

  • WorkXpress
  • Less than 10 users per month - 3 months free service
  • More than 10 users per month - complete build of your current applications

  • Hope it will help to get over the Coghead collapse faster and not so painfully.


    1. Please don't forget about Qrimp's deals for Coghead Customers.

      We are offering 3 months free, support, webinars, and assistance to existing Coghead customers through a promotional offer. This offer is available to existing Coghead customers until April 30, 2009.

      To take advantage of this offer and get Qrimp at a 50% discount for 6 months off the current price.

    2. (Disclaimer: Self-promotion)

      For mid-size companies and divisions within larger organizations not willing to take the risk of an unproven startup, consider Rollbase as an on-site alternative.

      Rollbase is an enterprise-ready Platform-as-a-Service available for in-house licensing at the source code level complete with documentation and implementation services.

    3. (Disclaimer: Self-promotion

      ElasticApps are a good alternative for those companies that are after business process, work flow and reporting solutions in the mid to enterprise space.

      o Rapidly built - and maintained by non-technical people who understand the issues within your organization

      o Enterprise robust - expandable from small groups to entire organizations with high levels of security and privacy

      o Delivered under a software as a service or appliance license

    4. WOLF, the AJAX and XML based Platform-as-a-Service for designing business applications, is offering to migrate & restore stranded Coghead customer applications without any initial financial commitment or programming. WOLF Platform technology is able to read Coghead application design XML without any manual intervention & restore all entities, screens, business rules, complete application design & even import data thru’ an automated utility.

      Read more :

    5. OutSystems is offering Coghead customers free services to size and scope their existing Coghead applications to determine how quickly they could migrate. They also offer a free 30 day trial of the Agile Platform. You can learn more at

    6. is the best alternative to Coghead customers.

      Take advantage of the Free Offer:

    7. Cordys offers Coghead users a quick and easy migration of data and applications to the Cordys Process Factory™ - an On-Demand platform for developing and executing process enabled mashup applications (MashApps). Cordys also offers free subscription, free support and 30 percent discount for additional services:

      That said, the demise of any company, especially innovative ones such as COGHEAD, is always a sad event. And in the never ending quest for new business most vendors have missed the point: This market is about more than mashups, it goes much deeper to what I call "Situational Application Provisioning" whereby a user can put together an ad-hoc “application” based around a normal working pattern for a small group of users with a specific need that is made from scratch or readily available mash up services - but that is also compliant, auditable, recorded and strategically governed. For more thoughts on this topic go to:

    8. Hi,

      At Iceberg we're also offering a service to help people stranded on coghead. So far we've found Iceberg to be the closest match for Coghead users as it has both the interface design and visual workflow designer that coghead users need.

      We're also offering free migration (see details here

      If you could include us in your list of alternatives I would greatly appreciate it and I think it would really help coghead guys.

      Thank you

      Wayne Byrne
      Iceberg (

    9. Thanks for sharing useful information... very nice stuff to decide where to move on...

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    10. Thanks for the mention, Jane. We really would like to show you WorkXpress' functionality. Please take a look at our training videos: