Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When will Zoho Creator get to the point to make app data available to search engine?

Is there a way to get an access to the data stored out of Zoho Creator ecosystem? Is Deluge Script the only way to access and manipulate data in Zoho Creator?

I asked these questions Zoho Support to figure out how to implement SEO deployment method within Zoho Creator platform.

This is what Charles form Zoho Creator answered:
"Currently this is not possible in Zoho Creator. However, as a first step, we are planning to address this in a completely different way. In this case, users would not need to have any servers on their end. We will let users add their domain name mapped to an application and the entire application will be served from a sub-domain which will have the application name as the prefix (sub-domain name). For example, if your company name is xyz.com and you have an application named products, you can access the page from products.xyz.com. Going forward, we will provide direct deployment to servers that support PHP, ASP, and JSP."

Well, it's kinda difficult to make any conclusions based on future plans not seeing any specific implementation. But as I see it now Zoho Creator is not that search engine friendly, as it dynamically generates pages using JavaScript on the end user's browser. So, search engine recognizes only lots and lots of JavaScipt code but content of your app.

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  1. While there is no such direct deployment, users can very well take advantage of our APIs ( http://api.wiki.zoho.com/Zoho-Creator.html ) and pull the data to their servers and publish them. You can also refer to one of the posts from our user in Zoho Creator forums ( http://forums.zoho.com?ftid=2266000000592143 )