Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ups and downs migrating from Coghead

The time to migrate from Coghead somewhere else is running out. Coghead customers have already tried out different systems and Jonathan Sapir even managed to sum up user experiences.

But I think the thing is former Coghead customers just try to recreate their application "AS IS", with no desire to adopt it to the specifics of the platform they are going to use.

Let’s call things by their proper names. Coghead action builder was just the tool for program writing, even though it was presented as visual tool. Take into account Coghead offered to use actions along the way all the time and for everything.

This is one of good examples how it worked: running total calculation. Check out what it took just to calculate a simple thing in Coghead. Let alone the complexity to support of data integrity of calculated values.

To see the difference you may take a look how it’s done in QuickBase or TeamDesk.

One shouldn't forget cases where the user can’t go without custom actions, of course. But I think Coghead users will be pleasantly surprised what they can do within other systems without actions or scripting.

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