Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TeamDesk running total impresses

Must say, it was a bit unexpected for me to get to the point at once in TeamDesk blog how one should calculate a running total.

TeamDesk guys offer to apply the same method as by finding duplicates.
Lets try it out.

So I created the app in TeamDesk for my experiments:

According to the example I created many-to-many relation of mine with match condition which filters needed records and adds required column for sum calculation of these records:

This is calculated running total in TeamDesk:

The best thing is that in TeamDesk running total is calculated for each record and is added according to new record as a new field, what allows using this value in other reports, like these:


I am satisfied with the results. Running total calculation through TeamDesk is really easy. The Setup is maybe not that simple as in QuickBase, but a way better than in Coghead. I would like to make a special mention of the opportunity to use calculated running total in other reports.

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