Sunday, November 29, 2009

What if use TeamDesk to make data available to search engine?

Caspio announcement of new SEO technology makes you wonder if other vendors can offer their ways in this respect. How TeamDesk solves this issue and what one can expect from the system if talk about making data available to the largest possible audience?

This is what Kirill Bondar, the representative of TeamDesk Support, said:
"For every application TeamDesk provides SOAP API to allow data manipulation from third party web pages or applications - it's a part of standard functionality. All you need to start working with an API is a SOAP-enabled language like C#, VB.NET, Java, PHP or Ruby. Of course you can use API from JavaScript as well - the connector classes are provided.

To see it in action, you may want to check TeamDesk application library."

"Its content is managed by our team through regular TeamDesk application that allows editing the title, keywords, descriptions, place images and attach support documents, categorize applications and many more."

As you can see the TeamDesk uses the same approach QuickBase offers. The good news is you can use TeamDesk as back-end database for your site for only $9/month. But one should note this implementation requires knowledge of scripting and is not available in simple wizard-like style as Caspio offers.

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