Monday, November 17, 2008

Lets get to the point and sum up starting with large data volume

Having tested product capabilities of handling various tasks I think I can drop few words of what I’ve come up with concerning each discussed problem.

I don’t want my readers to get lost in a bunch of my posts, so just in order to simplify skimming the blog I will sum up the final results of each testing issue.

If someone wants to simply skip all "why" and step-by-step explanations but just find out the result, for those I will write a concise final review of each item.

Let’s start with tests of capability to handle large data sets. I haven’t even planned to test 7 services, but it turned out I was that curious.

Results of Large Data Set Importing (20 000)

Dabble DBFirst try failed, a bit later support guys fixed the bugDidn’t expect that initially the developers had not assumed this need of users
CogheadI managed to import my data. In general after the completion of importing I had no problems with data navigation, filters, searches etc.20 000 records is not that large volume to scare off Coghead. The settings of the program puzzled a bit.
TeamDeskPositive result. All data was easily imported. TeamDesk had no problems searching the data and building reports of such data volume.It seems TeamDesk system handles large data volumes easily, but some functions are to be tuned yet. Implementation process was not that cumbersome.
QuickBaseProved to be quick importing
20K. Successfully.
In general the approach is pretty holistic. It was simple and didn’t require any additional steps.
TrackViaThe simplest way of importing such data amount.The guys resorted to cunning: the moment where other offered to define field types and name them is implicitly transferred to Excel.
CaspioThe import process ran pretty smoothly. All data imported.I have met my expectations, but I have an impression that the system is developed rather for more tech savvy users, than for non techies.
Zoho CreatorFirst shot completely failed. The second one was successful.In a couple of days Zoho support changed it and added missing functionality. But it didn't feel like finished and mature product.

So, this is what I’ve managed to find out. Make a reasonable choice!

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