Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Simultaneous record editing test results

Let’s get back to summarizing results of products I’ve tried in regard to solving definite tasks.

Simultaneous record editing by multiple users this time.

You can quickly overview my conclusions put in a lucid manner in case you just want get straight down to business and just clarify the value of each service concerning simultaneous record editing.

Having checked the handling capability of 6 products, users can decide WHY exactly chose one or another service, skipping all the "how-to".

Dabble DBDabble DB doesn’t have any support of simultaneous editing at all.The user changes are just substituted by the changes of the other. Double check all alterations!
TrackViaTrackVia developers applied another method of simultaneous record editing. It is substituted by the complete report of record changes.To my opinion the detailed history of changes is of a great help for tracking each record editing, but eventually it can bring the data into a total mess.
Zoho CreatorNo possibility. It’s the concern of the user how to resolve the situation of data overwriting.Obviously, Zoho developers didn’t pay much attention to such an issue as simultaneous editing and problems with the data consistency which may arise if it happens.
CogheadThe problem is handled only partly.Offering just to press Yes/No doesn’t inform properly about record changes. There is no way you can understand who has changed the record and the system doesn’t indicate edited fields.
TeamDeskProperly solves the issue.This is the only system of all tested ones, which supports this mechanism for file attachment.
QuickBaseQuickBase developers had taken into consideration the problem of simultaneous record editing.When editing the records all changes should be marked, not selectively as it is now, without even mentioning that I have lost my data change once.

Surprisingly, only several systems really paid attention to such function as simultaneous record editing by multiple users, despite it happens pretty often I’d say.

Anyway, at least it’s clear what to expect choosing one or another service.

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